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Version has just been released

August 9th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

This version includes a new drag and drop features and new ways for getting in touch with us…

 Let’s summarize the drag and drop features:

  1. You can drag and drop file from the application to windows explorer. When you do so
    all ‘tif’ images will be auto converted to ‘pdf’s so it might take few seconds.. be patient…
  2. If you would like to drag and drop multiple files. Multi select while ‘ctrl’ key is down. When you start the drag make sure the ‘ctrl’ is still down…
  3. You of course can do the oppsite select multiple files from winsows explorer and drag and drop
    to 42Tags. If you press the ‘shift’ key, originals will be deleted.
  4. You can drag and drop outlook attachments directly from outlook. outlook email drag and drop will be coming soon…

More features

  1. You can send us a feedback using ‘Help->Feedback’ menu.
  2. Direct access to our new forum ‘Help->Getsatisfaction Forum’
  3. Bug fixes.

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