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Version has just been released

October 10th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

We are glad to announce that a new version with many additions and changes was released today. What’s new? Clipboard operations

  1. You can copy, paste and cut single page images by clicking on the viewer (where image is displayed),and pressing ctrl+c/x/p to copy/cut/paste. Please note that the paste is enabled only on ‘tif’ files which is the default image file format in 42Tags.
  2. You can select a rectangle and use copy/cut in order to have only part of the image in the clipboard.
  3. You can do clipboard operations on multiple pages by opening the ‘reorder pages form’ – see the ‘1-2’ icon in the tool bar. When you see all the pages, select the one you would like – and just copy, cut, paste into it.
  4. You can copy / paste files by selecting them on the files list (below the viewer).

Please note that if you open windows explorer, select a jpeg file and paste it into 42Tags – if the viewer is in focus (you clicked on it) then it will be added as a page to the currently selected file. If the files list is in focus, then it will be added as an attachment to the collection, and a new file will be created. Other improvements:

  1. Ability to store 42Tags folder on a disk on key. Just don’t forget to exit 42Tags before you pull out the disk on key.
  2. Bug fixes.

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