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The collection – Version has just been released

December 21st, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

Aside from bug fixes the main benefit of this version is a change of terminology.

We previously used the term ‘package’ for a collection (or set) of one or more files,

and now we use the term ‘collection’ for the same set of files.

In this opportunity I would like to elaborate why the use of ‘collection’ is helpful :

1.  First, you can always use a collection of a single file, so we don’t loose anything by using collections.
you can have as many collections as you like (as long you have enough space on disk..)

2.  Sometimes you have set of files which are strongly related and you would like to find them all togethet,

for example – You bought a new house so you might have the following files

  1.  Scanned Multipage file of your signed contract
  2. Digital file (office) of the contract
  3. Scanned Multipage file of all the checks you paid
  4. Digital file (excel) of all the payments you paid/received
  5. A screen shot of a map of your area

When you search for files releated to the new house you would like to find all you 5 files together. So even for example more ‘files’ have the tag ‘house’ they will not be mixed with those 5 files. Here you can create a collection of your 5 files and then when you tag or search, you refer to the collection. Of course searching individual files is also possible.

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