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Please, don’t loose your files.

June 5th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

Just this month a colleague told me about tons of personal videos he almost lost on a hard-disk-drive crash. We know the story – the computer starts to make weird noises, it won’t start when powered on, and we start to sweat over personal data that may be lost with it… My colleague was lucky, he turned the A/C on for a couple of hours till the room almost froze, and used every trick in the book to manage to rescue his precious videos. Lucky him – it even worked. Being an Israeli, and not willing to pay for anything – he didn’t get the “message”. Not backing up his files, for the mere cost of about $60/year – is just being foolish. I really can’t grab this.

Over the years I’ve used 4 different services to backup my machines, and I highly recommend any computer user to use a cloud backup service. There’s nothing like staying calm when a disaster strikes, and recovering all your data quickly and painlessly.

Here’s a short review of the services I’ve used:

Mozy looked great, but on a backup test I ran – I found out it didn’t back up some hidden files I had. Left a bad taste, and I’m sorry it’s still promoted by 42Tags.

Jungle Disk didn’t manage to recover a 2.8GB file I once lost. Not good. Lucky I had other backups – could be a disaster in my previous work place.

Carbonite slowed down my Mac, kept the CPU at 100%, and heated it up. Support wouldn’t help, and wouldn’t return my money.

Now I use CrashPlan, and so far – so good.

In the coming days I’m going to update 42Tags – so that it will promote CrashPlan. If and when I get to it, I might even collect a 15% commission for each sign-up. Be assured, though – that my real reward is not the money, but knowing your files are safe and sound. Really worth it.

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  2. By eburcat on Jun 5, 2013

    Hmmm… Found out CrashPlan have no affiliate program. Oh well. I still recommend it 🙂

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