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42Tags invites you to join our conversation

March 1st, 2008 Posted in Announcements | 5 Comments »

We have reached more than 1000 installations, which is a big milestone for us. As our user, we are very curious to hear about your experience with 42Tags.

  • What is the one feature you would add?
  • What is the one feature you could live without?

We invite you to join our conversation at the comments to this post.

Version is on the air

February 25th, 2008 Posted in Announcements | No Comments »

Some of the new features you can expect:

Status messages
We’ve added some descriptive status messages, so that after performing an operation you’ll see what you’ve just done, and be notified that it was indeed processed and saved. Thank you all for bringing this important issue to our attention.

New status messages

Store the 42Tags folder anywhere

The 42Tags folder that contain all of your documents, can now be placed anywhere on your hard drive, and even on another computer! Just move the 42Tags folder wherever you want, and start 42Tags. Upon startup, you will get this dialog box:

Browse for 42Tags folder
Choose the new location of your documents, and continue working as usual. We strongly recommend backing up this directory wherever it is.

German Localization

42Tags has always supported tags in any language. Notice the Hebrew tags mixed with the English ones below. Now, thanks to Ulrich Alt, we are proud to offer a German localization of 42Tags. Many more languages are on our road-map – so let us know if you are interested in a localization to Your language.

42Tags german localization

42Tags announces a new solution to paper clutter

November 4th, 2007 Posted in Announcements | No Comments »

42tags is pleased to announce the release of the 42tags software, a user-friendly program that eliminates paper clutter by naturally categorizing and storing your important files.Paper clutter is a known nuisance that can be easily solved by using 42tags. The software gives homes and small business owners the ability to control their paperwork and documentation easily, with one program that does it all. With 42tags you can scan single, as well as multi-page, documents and store them using “tags”. These tags are simply a variety of key words that you can apply to the collection of documents that you have created. Using these tags will make it much easier to find your documents in the future.

By using 42tags you can easily convert your documents to create TIF files. You can later convert them to PDF, send them by EMAIL or just PRINT or FAX them. 42tags supports all TWAIN compatible scanners, including ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) support. If you don’t have ADF we have a timed scan option included in our software. Our software viewer supports more than 20 types of image formats. 42tags enables you to manipulate your multi-page files by reordering, inserting, rotating, deleting, cropping, importing and exporting your scanned images.

To find out more and download a free trial version, visit our homepage (, and embark on your journey to a paperless life!