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42Tags is going down

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We’re still not sure how we will go forward, but please note 42Tags is expected to go down in the coming months. If you have any questions / requests / suggestions – we’re open to hear from you.

The reasons for this decision are numerous:

1) The traction of 42Tags had continually gone down in the past few years, since 2009.

2) We’re clearing up time and energies for other, more effective efforts.

3) A technical reason – personally we moved on from Windows to Linux and Mac.

Apple just announced they added Tags to files on “OS X Mavericks”

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Actually we expected Microsoft to do this ages ago – when the world realised how important tags are. And when things didn’t start working – we set out to do it in 42Tags. Google did it in GMail, many Internet apps followed, and it’s time. I mean, it’ll make 42Tags obsolete – but that’s exactly how Files should work. Emph. Microsoft – when will we see this coming from you already??

Please, don’t loose your files.

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Just this month a colleague told me about tons of personal videos he almost lost on a hard-disk-drive crash. We know the story – the computer starts to make weird noises, it won’t start when powered on, and we start to sweat over personal data that may be lost with it… My colleague was lucky, he turned the A/C on for a couple of hours till the room almost froze, and used every trick in the book to manage to rescue his precious videos. Lucky him – it even worked. Being an Israeli, and not willing to pay for anything – he didn’t get the “message”. Not backing up his files, for the mere cost of about $60/year – is just being foolish. I really can’t grab this.

Over the years I’ve used 4 different services to backup my machines, and I highly recommend any computer user to use a cloud backup service. There’s nothing like staying calm when a disaster strikes, and recovering all your data quickly and painlessly.

Here’s a short review of the services I’ve used:

Mozy looked great, but on a backup test I ran – I found out it didn’t back up some hidden files I had. Left a bad taste, and I’m sorry it’s still promoted by 42Tags.

Jungle Disk didn’t manage to recover a 2.8GB file I once lost. Not good. Lucky I had other backups – could be a disaster in my previous work place.

Carbonite slowed down my Mac, kept the CPU at 100%, and heated it up. Support wouldn’t help, and wouldn’t return my money.

Now I use CrashPlan, and so far – so good.

In the coming days I’m going to update 42Tags – so that it will promote CrashPlan. If and when I get to it, I might even collect a 15% commission for each sign-up. Be assured, though – that my real reward is not the money, but knowing your files are safe and sound. Really worth it.

Version – Windows 8

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New in this version:

  • Works on Windows 8(!).

Known issues:

  • Hebrew UI doesn’t work in this version. Hopefully will be fixed soon, otherwise Hebrew support might be removed. If you need the Hebrew version, you can still work with the previous version of 42Tags that can be downloaded here:

What’s going on?

It’s been a couple of years(!) since 42Tags’ last update. In the mean time me and Shimon split up each to do his own things. I’ve moved to Mac. Windows 8 came out – and kind of forced me to either release this version or shut 42Tags down. I decided to give it a try, and surprisingly, it was easier than expected. Just had to beg Atalasoft – the providers of the awesome TWAIN component used by 42Tags – to dig in their archives and allow me to use a license of a version that’s no longer supported for a very long time. THANK YOU Atalasoft – Very much appreciated.

The previous version of 42Tags was developed and released by Visual Studio 2005. This one was released by Visual Studio 2012. This might be the cause of some bugs that I haven’t discovered yet. We’ll see how this version rollover turns out.

Let me know of any feedback you have.



The collection – Version has just been released

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Aside from bug fixes the main benefit of this version is a change of terminology.

We previously used the term ‘package’ for a collection (or set) of one or more files,

and now we use the term ‘collection’ for the same set of files.

In this opportunity I would like to elaborate why the use of ‘collection’ is helpful :

1.  First, you can always use a collection of a single file, so we don’t loose anything by using collections.
you can have as many collections as you like (as long you have enough space on disk..)

2.  Sometimes you have set of files which are strongly related and you would like to find them all togethet,

for example – You bought a new house so you might have the following files

  1.  Scanned Multipage file of your signed contract
  2. Digital file (office) of the contract
  3. Scanned Multipage file of all the checks you paid
  4. Digital file (excel) of all the payments you paid/received
  5. A screen shot of a map of your area

When you search for files releated to the new house you would like to find all you 5 files together. So even for example more ‘files’ have the tag ‘house’ they will not be mixed with those 5 files. Here you can create a collection of your 5 files and then when you tag or search, you refer to the collection. Of course searching individual files is also possible.

Version has just been released

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We are glad to announce that a new version with many additions and changes was released today. What’s new? Clipboard operations

  1. You can copy, paste and cut single page images by clicking on the viewer (where image is displayed),and pressing ctrl+c/x/p to copy/cut/paste. Please note that the paste is enabled only on ‘tif’ files which is the default image file format in 42Tags.
  2. You can select a rectangle and use copy/cut in order to have only part of the image in the clipboard.
  3. You can do clipboard operations on multiple pages by opening the ‘reorder pages form’ – see the ‘1-2’ icon in the tool bar. When you see all the pages, select the one you would like – and just copy, cut, paste into it.
  4. You can copy / paste files by selecting them on the files list (below the viewer).

Please note that if you open windows explorer, select a jpeg file and paste it into 42Tags – if the viewer is in focus (you clicked on it) then it will be added as a page to the currently selected file. If the files list is in focus, then it will be added as an attachment to the collection, and a new file will be created. Other improvements:

  1. Ability to store 42Tags folder on a disk on key. Just don’t forget to exit 42Tags before you pull out the disk on key.
  2. Bug fixes.

Do you have a question to ask? Idea to share? Want to start a discussion?42Tags team is listening at

Version has just been released

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This version includes a new drag and drop features and new ways for getting in touch with us…

 Let’s summarize the drag and drop features:

  1. You can drag and drop file from the application to windows explorer. When you do so
    all ‘tif’ images will be auto converted to ‘pdf’s so it might take few seconds.. be patient…
  2. If you would like to drag and drop multiple files. Multi select while ‘ctrl’ key is down. When you start the drag make sure the ‘ctrl’ is still down…
  3. You of course can do the oppsite select multiple files from winsows explorer and drag and drop
    to 42Tags. If you press the ‘shift’ key, originals will be deleted.
  4. You can drag and drop outlook attachments directly from outlook. outlook email drag and drop will be coming soon…

More features

  1. You can send us a feedback using ‘Help->Feedback’ menu.
  2. Direct access to our new forum ‘Help->Getsatisfaction Forum’
  3. Bug fixes.

Version has just been released

June 8th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

We’ve just released two new interface languages: Spanish and French. (So we currently have English, German, Spanish and French interfaces).

Among the new features:

  • Integration for popular email clients (Thunderbird, Incredimail, Outlook, …)
  • Use Ctrl + Mouse wheel for zoom in and out in the viewer and in the thumbnails view
  • Every new scanned pages is “Best Fitted” as a default which can later be changed.

Many of the features were added in response to users’ feedbacks.

Have a request for a feature? You are welcomed to comment.

Why did we make 42Tags?

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Four years ago I noticed that whenever I needed to access some old documents, I spent way too much time looking for them among piles of papers or worse – instead of finding them I had to obtain new ones (e.g. contacting companies again, requesting approvals, etc.).

I felt that the paper clutter was hindering my productivity and organizational ability.

So I bought a scanner and I started scanning papers. I don’t immediately scan the papers when I receive them – I leave them in a drawer for a convenient time to tend to this kind of task.

I created a hierarchy of folders and I scanned each page into a different “jpeg” file.

At the beginning, everything went well and I was happy, but after half a year, I started feeling that the system wasn’t working well. Why?

1) The most critical problem was having a hierarchy of folders – I quickly got papers that overlapped too many of these folders. For example, when my company bought some equipment and I wanted to save the warranty – then I was forced to decide whether to save it under business, or under warranties (which also include personal, non-business equipment).

2) Scanning each page to a different file is a cumbersome chore. You need to create and rename each file, and view them separately. And I am not talking about reordering pages …

3) I started with two separate folders – one called “docs” and another called “scanned docs”. I put digital content (word, excel, etc.) in the first one and scanned documents in the second. I saw that the separation was poor. There were many documents involving digital and scanned content. An easy example is a CV – when you have your resume in a word file and all your recommendations are scanned. It doesn’t make sense to separate them.

So I decided to search for a solution!

To be continued…


Time Management by Randy Pausch

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At August 15th Prof. Randy Pausch was told by his doctors that he had 3 to 6 months of good health – due to pancreatic cancer. In an inspiring lecture he gave at the University of Virginia – Randy shares his insights about the most precious commodity we have in life – time.

Randy mentions some very important time management techniques, that we personally recommend. Among them, some notes about uncluttering your desk – which is what we built 42Tags for.

Thank you LifeHacker for posting this,

and thanks Randy for a terrific lecture.